Sistema PVD de Datapaq.


Sistema de condensación al vapor.



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Datapaq PVD: Sistema de condensación al vapor.


The Datapaq® Oven Tracker® Temperature Profiling System accurately collects and analyzes temperature information needed to monitor and improve your Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process.

The PVD process requires precise temperatures to achieve an extremely durable and smooth finish. Because product temperature may not equate to set temperature, it is important to identify product temperature, so oven cycles can be adjusted to give the optimum profile.

The Oven Tracker system can withstand the hostile conditions of vacuum ovens/furnaces, while maintaining a clean environment during the process.


Beneficios del sistema:

  • Profiles can be used to ‘match’ products and optimize production cycles.
  • Oven setting can be adjusted to ensure coating adherence.
  • Highly polished thermal barrier prevents contamination.
  • Compression fittings on mineral insulated probes withstand high voltage in vacuum chamber – no trailing thermocouples needed.

No out-gassing of insulation or adhesives around thermal barrier sealing gasket.

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